This is a section dedicated to the tough, hardy and adventurous who undertake a golf tour !!

Golf Crew

The RoughRyder Team (founder members) in their very fetching salmon pink shirts !!

The group was named as the first trip was to Ireland in the Ryder Cup year and as we end up in the rough most of the time a few of us came up with this rather appropriate description.


The Roughrydergolf Trophy


Corky the Toucan


 The European Team are in the Pink !!


The pink shirts were obviously the fashion colour of the moment.   
                                                                                                                                                                    The background for this decision may well have been the sartorially elegant ROUGH RYDER team who 3 weeks earlier had set the golf fashion world alight.




2006  - We were in Ireland - Cork was the venue. The Squire won this one. 





He was underwhelmed at the presentation and was reduced to tears (of laughter I think).

The Squire' thoroughly deserved his victory for the RoughRyder Trophy. 

                             Unfortunately he was been banned from displaying the magnificent trophy at home

2007  - We went to France - Brittany was the destination. Poacher Phil won here.



Phil ('I don't play much') took the honours on his first trip with the RoughRyders.

He had some amazingly low scores on the courses we played.






2008  - We were in France again - this time Normandy. The Prof was the victor this year.


The Prof won this one thanks to a tenacious last round.  

In a head to head with Phil he bullied his way to a well deserved victory.



2009 - It was North Devon this year as the Euro was too strong
     Rob was another first time winner...
     He proved much too strong for the rest of us showing a consistent level of golf which the others could not  

2010 - We were in Belgium for the first time. Rob won again - is he going for 3 in a row.

 Rob was again too good for the rest of us. He shot a particularly impressive last round.

The courses were exceptionally good and Mons was a great venue for us all.




2011 - We returned to Normandy - the North Region. Minus all the Cartwrights this year. 

We played St Julien Deauville - a beautiful course - on the hottest day of the year!!   Houlgate on the foggiest day of the year and Cabourg on Sunday. All the courses were excellent although Houlgate was very tiring for those without buggies.

Peter J was on his first trip with the RoughRyders and thoroughly enjoyed himself and won the Pairs competition with Phil.


The winner of the Toucan Trophy was Phil - who scored an unbelievable 38 points on the last day. 
 As a result he will now be playing off 16 next year wherever he decides to take us.  
Monsieur Terry arranged the trip and everything was magnifique. He even looks French!!
We stayed in Deauville at the same time as the International Film Festival --                        
 2012 We are  back in France - Phil has decided on Brittany and Normandy this year and a change of season . We are going in June - hopefully with as good weather as we have had in September in previous years. We will be playing St Malo (Le Tronchet), Des Ormes and Omaha Beach. 
Phil won here in 2007 so maybe he feels confident to repeat this. However he will be playing off 16 this time !!
This year's trip was very enjoyable for the 8 golfers (the same ones as 2011).
As usual the arrangements by Brittany Ferries was top notch - although we did have some trouble finding the bunks on the return trip!!
Confidence on the first day was high for many of the group on the fabulous St Malo course. Water hazards came into play and the rain also affected some sores. At the end of the day it was Havana Tel who scorched into the lead with a very impressive 34 points and a cut to 26.
On the second glorious day at Des Ormes he found it rather more difficult and struggled to 27 points with the winner on the day on 30 points being Jammy John who consequently was cut to 
7 which effectively ended his challenge for the Toucan Trophy. 
The last day was at the Omaha Beach (Le Manoir) Course another lovely course - again with water hazards. It was a close call as it happens with Havana Tel taking advantage of all those lessons and hard practice in Portugal by scoring a 4 pointer on the last hole which confirmed his first place on the day (and a further cut to 24)  and as overall winner of the coveted Toucan Trophy.  Jammy John came in as runner up again.  
 Monsieur Terry - worthy winner of the Toucan Trophy.
There were some very creditable performances which need to be recognised :
Placid Pete turned a last place in 2011 into a 3rd place this year. Look out next year...
Giant James - struggled with his golf this year - but actually looked like a golfer with classy trousers on day 1 and fabulous Irish green trousers on the second day with his pairs partner Tiger Tim.
Tim had a torrid time and only really got going on the last day. But he is always tenacious and very good company.
The Squire never quite reached top form this year but along with his bro Tel provided a sumptuous meal on the second day with their chefs trousers and black shirts. 
Phil found it hard to cope with his 16 handicap but still played  some good golf  but not consistently enough to challenge this year.
Alan also struggled surprisingly as he was driving very well. He was the best dressed golfer on the 2nd and 3rd days though with his strikingly pink shirt and co-ordinated shorts.
            Scores                                                                2013 H/C
  1st  Place: Terry   88 points                                                24
  2nd Place:  John    86 points                                                 7                        
  3rd  Place:  Peter  78 points                                                29
  4th  Place: Paul    76 points                                                14
  5th  Place: James  75 points                                                25
  6th  Place: Phil      69 points                                                16
  7th  Place: Alan     67 points                                                20
  8th  Place: Tim      59 points                                                33

The 2013 Tour  is going to be to the Deauville area again - actually Trouville.

Terry has  booked  with the excellent 
Brittany Ferries and  we will be staying at the sumptuous Hotel du Golf Barriere.








We will be playing Barriere, St Julien and L'Amiraute.

Unfortunately 'Giant' James and 'Woody' Alan will not be joining us this year.


 ... 'Squire' Paul, 'Havana' Tel & 'Jammy' John...

 ... 'Tiger' Tim, 'Placid' Pete, 'Flaming' Phil, 'Mighty' Quinn and 'Iron Man' Chris make up the squad.

Early favourites to win the Toucan Trophy are last year's winner Terry and brother Paul - both are having individual lessons in an effort to bring them the ultimate success !! Sibling rivalry will drive them on.. 

New boy Chris looks very dangerous and Peter seems to be coming into form. Tim is having lessons and is actually playing this year before the trip. Pat is a rookie but is also taking lessons and therefore an unknown quantity. Phil is keeping very quiet which is a bad sign for the rest of us while  John would seem to have no chance - having to play off 7 !!


As it happened it was 'Iron Man' Chris who grabbed the honours. After a fantastic first round score of 36 - he bombed massively in round 2 with a paltry 16. No to be denied he relied on his trusty irons to see him home with a steady final round  of 30 thus eclipsing the rest of us.


 Here is Chris with his magnificent Trophy.!!!!


 He now has the dubious honour of arranging next year's trip.




 The second day was the pairs competition - not for golf but for sartorial inelegance instead !!

   Who were the winners ?



I realised how bad my golf was on the 17th hole of the first round........

We were on a par 3 hole and we all teed off. I hit a really bad shot and went right into some trees. I went to look for my ball but could not find it so the other 3 came to help. After a few minutes we realised there was a single golfer chasing us up. So we decided to let him through. His first shot was short of the green under a bush and one of our group found it for him. He chipped it forward just in front of a bunker. It was then that I realised he only had one arm!! He proceeded to pitch his ball perfectly over the bunker and onto the green next to the flag .. and then 1 putt.!!

I never did find my ball..     

                     ............  But at least I had the LONGEST DRIVE  !!!!!       Don't ask .........

Results :

 Position  Name  Score  NewH/C  
 1st  Chris  82  13  
 2nd  Tim  77  33  
 3rd  Terry  73  24  
 4th  Paul  72  14  
 5th  Phil  71  15  
 6th  John  66   7  
 7th  Pat  66  28  
 8th  Peter  65  31   

Chris & Tim easily won the the Pairs competition !!!


Where will we be in 2014 ---- Scotland? Wales? Portugal? Spain? or maybe Fantastic France again?? 

If it is France then June will be out as there will be 70th anniversary commemorations of the D Day Landings. The last time we met the veterans in Caen we came off second best.

We may also need to change the H/C calculator and perhaps the format of the tour.  Watch this space..

MARCH 2014  Finally decided !!

This year it is Cornwall in September.....

Chris has booked us into St Mellion with 1 Round on the Jack Nicklaus Course (very difficult) and 2 on the Kernow (just difficult).

There will be 12 people going this year with a few new names and a few who were missing last year.  More info to follow.



Here is the shirt for this year - in the pink again...              18th Green on the Signature Nicklaus course.





         Proud Winner
                                                                                        Paul, Pat, Dave, John, Fred, Pete, Phil, Chris, Mike, Tim, James, Terry.                                                                              
The outstanding round of the trip was by Chris with a truly magnificent 44 points on the Kernow course. This included an amazing Albatross on the first hole on the first day which = 6 points !! Unfortunately for him this meant a cut to 10 which effectively scuppered his chances for the tournament.
The round by James on the Nicklaus Signature - a much more difficult layout - was exceptional as he scored 33 points - and he called me lucky !!
The last day's winner was metronomic Mike with an excellent 36 points.
The pairs competition was won by John & Dave - (worthy winners!!)

Shot of the trip was Dave's ' Barnes Wallis ' on the 5th on the Nicklaus it bounced at least 5 times.

18th on Nicklaus





                           Our theme tune is  'ROUGH RYDERS ON THE STORM'  (Apologies to Jim Morrison)

                                          Mine is 'ROAD TO HELL' - many, many apologies to Chris Rea.

The Winner was "The Squire"

DAY:                          1      2     3        Total

 Paul:                       28   29   33         90
John:                       27   33   28         88
 Dave:                      32   26   27         85
 James:                   26   24   32         82
 Phil:                        26   22   33         81               
 Chris:                     30   26   24         80
 Tim:                        25   21   28         74
 Terry:                     25   22   19         66         


2016   ST MALO

                                                                                                                    The Winner was Dapper Dave 
Scores for 2016
DAVE 34 30 38 102
PAUL 38 21 38 97
JOHN 36 34 27 97
PETER 42 21 33 96
CHRIS 33 22 38 93
MIKE 28 30 32 90
FRED 30 25 32 87
TIM 30 23 32 85
PHIL 25 29 31 85
PAT 30 21 28 79
ALAN 19 25 26 70
TERRY 22 27 18 67


2017   CAEN
The Winner was Big Chris.

Chris 34 33 32 99
Steve 29 34 36 99
Dave 36 30 32 98
Pete W 25 32 38 95
Doug 34 24 35 93
Tony 29 34 36 91
Paul 30 26 33 89
Tim 19 28 36 83
Terry 23 23 33 79
John 28 27 15 65
Alan 21 20 21 62
Pete J 21 17 21 59



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